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How to Play Triviabolt on Zoom

Zoom makes it easy to host your Triviabolt game. Here's how.

It's as easy as
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1 Create your Zoom call
2 Start your Triviabolt room
3 Invite your players to the room
4 Wait for your players to join
Play and have fun!

Create you Zoom call

Using either the Zoom web portal, or the desktop client schedule a webinar. Select the time and date you want your trivia game to start. Make sure to take note of your invitation link. You'll need this to add to your Triviabolt room later.

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Start your Triviabolt room

Click "Start a new room" from the Triviabolt dashboard. When prompted select the quiz you want to play. Enter your invitation link from Step 1 under the "Video Call Link". This will allow your players to directly connect to your Zoom call. Click "Create room".

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Invite you players to the room

You should now be on the Host Control Panel. This is where you'll control the game from. On the top right hand corner you'll find your Room Code. If you hover over the code you'll be prompted to copy your Triviabolt room link. Copy this link and send it to your players. This is how your players will join the game.

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Wait for your players to join

Wait for your players to join the room. In the top right hand corner you'll also find the "Join video call" button. Click this to join your Zoom meeting. You will need to start the Zoom meeting before your players can join. For more information click here. When you're ready to play click the green "Start the game button".

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Additional Tips

Triviabolt let's you manage your game anyway you would like. We have found that Zoom's breakout rooms allow for great team discussion, all while in the same Zoom meeting. We suggest creating a breakout room for each team, and adding that team's players to the breakout room. We also suggest creating a time limit for each round and telling your players to rejoin the main call at the end of that time limit. This allows you as the host to go over all of the questions before starting the next round. You can find more information on breakout rooms here.

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