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A better trivia experience

You supply the questions and the players, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Social at it's core

Pub trivia is a communal experience. Discussion, or friendly arguments, amongst your team is one of the best parts of playing pub style trivia. Triviabolt is the platform to provide that experience via your favourite video call app.

  • Round based game play

    Provide all of the round's questions at once so your team can discuss answers.

  • No sign up for players

    All your players need is the room access code in order to play. Quickly send them the invite link, and you're ready to go.

  • Mobile friendly

    No computer? No problem. Triviabolt is optimised for phones & tablets and works great on mobile.

  • Your trivia, your way

    Play however you want, with whomever you want, on any video call app you choose.

Friends having fun

Simple controls

We've made it easy for you to spend more time playing and hosting, and less time on managing.

  • Easy to use host dashboard

    The game host has access to an intuitive dashboard with game stats, current scores, and game controls.

  • Mark with ease

    Quickly mark answers via our intutive marking system. Full points, half points, or custom points, mark as you see fit. Scores are updated automatically to your scoreboard.

  • One click import & export

    Already have a quiz you want to use? Want to take your questions elsewhere? Easily import a CSV of your questions, or export your quiz whenever you need.

  • Any question you can dream of

    Text? Multiple choice? Image? Youtube video? No problem. All qustions are text based and have the ability to directly upload images, add links, or create whatever you want to ask. You can even create bonus questions with no impact to the maximum score.

  • Simple scoreboard

    Teams can see their score on the scoreboard between rounds. Let your competitive side out - know whether or not to ditch Karen next game.

Control panel

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