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How to Host Trivia with Triviabolt

Triviabolt makes it easy to host your trivia game. Here's how.

Create your quiz

On the Dashboard click the "Create your first quiz!" button if this is your first quiz, otherwise click the "Create a new quiz" button under the "Your Quizzes" section.

On the "New Quiz" page you'll be prompted to enter a quiz title. This is the name that your participants will see when playing trivia.

Every quiz is comprised of at least one round, and each round can have as many questions as you would like. To add a new round click the "Add round" button. Each round needs a unique number which acts as the order the rounds will be displayed in. You can also add an option title which will be displayed to your participants for that round such as "Picture Round".

To add a new question to a round click the "Add new question" button under the round you'd like to add it to.

When you are done creating questions and rounds click the "Create quiz" button to create your quiz.

You can reorder questions after you've created the quiz. On the Quiz page click and drag the questions into the order you'd like, including between rounds. Changes are saved automatically.

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Start your Triviabolt room

After you've finished creating your quiz, click on "Dashboard" in the menu bar.

Click "Start a new room" from the Triviabolt dashboard. When prompted select the quiz you want to play. If you have a Zoom invitation link or another video call invitation link enter it under the "Video Call Link". This will allow your players to directly connect to your Zoom call. Click "Create room".

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Invite your players to the room

You should now be on the Host Control Panel. This is where you'll control the game from. On the top right hand corner you'll find your Room Code. If you hover over the code you'll be prompted to copy your Triviabolt room link. Copy this link and send it to your players. This is how your players will join the game.

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Wait for your players to join

Wait for your players to join the room. In the top right hand corner you'll also find the "Join video call" button. Click this to join your video call. You will need to start the call before your players can join.

When you're ready to play click the green "Start the game button".

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Controlling the game

A "Play now!" button will appear on your players screens. This will take them to the first round of your quiz. All questions from that round will be shown. Each team can answer as they see fit. We suggest that you use Zoom breakout rooms for each team, and that you set a time limit for each round in order to get your players back onto the video call at the end of each round. You can find out more information in our How to Play on Zoom Guide.

After a round is completed you may click the "Mark Round #" button, where # is the number of the round you wish to mark. On this page you'll see each question, the correct answer if you chose to enter it when creating the quiz, and all of the answers from your players. To the right of each answer are two controls, the "Correct", and the "Half Points" checkboxes. Check the box for the score you wish to assign for each answer. Each question is worth one point. Repeat these steps for each question. When you are done click the "Submit and finish marking" button at the bottom of the page. The scores will be updated automatically and broadcast to each team.

Typically you will go through the answers with each team prior to starting the next round. Once you are ready to start the next round click the "Change round" button on the Control Panel, and select the round you wish to start. Your players will be prompted to start the round after you click "Change round".

After the game is finished, and you've marked all of the rounds, you should click the "End game" button. Note: this will permanently delete all of the teams and the scores.

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